The first meeting of 45-60 minutes is free of charge.


3-month Intensive Deep Dive Healing, CHF3900

  • Healing of hurful (trauamtic) emotional experiences from the past (2 * 120-160 minute sessions per month, ) 
  • Transforming the way You think and feel about Yourself, others, and the world around (2 * 90 minute sessions per month) 
  • Learning how to Communicate from the Heart (1* 30-minute session per month)   

6-month Transformational Healing, CHF6000

Same services as in the 3-month journey, curated to Your healing pace and needs. 

This is for people who desire deep and all-encompassing healing support with additional communication via WhatsApp or other instant messaging media.   

Single session: CHF360 for a 120-160 minute session 

Body Positive and Peace Practice:

CHF240 for a single 90 minute session, or CHF2000 for 10 sessions  

If due to any authentic reason you cannot afford my services, please write to me and we will find a solution.

Love, Monika