I am a board-certified physician, and as such I am used to evaluate the effectiveness and risk of thserapies based on facts and data.

Last year, due to a prolonged period of stress at work, I suffered from stomach ache and heartburns for 5 consecutive months. In those days, I took antacids and proton-pump inhibitors (e.g. pantoprazole) up to 80 mg per day, unfortunately without recovering. I performed a gastroscopy which confirmed a diffuse and severe gastritis. I tried also traditional stress-reduction strategies as doing long walks, exercising, and working with a psychotherapist, but the stomach pain was still there.

Then a friend recommended me to work with Monika, which I did. At first, I was a bit sceptical about her technique but frankly by then I was ready for anything to get rid of my stomach pain.

After the second working session with Monika I felt much better and after the third I was recovered, no stomach pain anymore, no pills, and could start again drinking coffee! Since then I feel good, no more stomach pain, no need for further therapies. Black magic? Not at all: Monika masters like none else an extremely effective technique which allows the visualization and healing of deep emotional issues. It is much faster than conventional psychotherapy and works at subconscious level releasing those stress factors which makes as sick.

Definitely worth trying in all those cases where stress or emotional issues lead to psychosomatic disorders, and with no undesirable effects!

Giuseppe Alvaro


I met Monika in difficult time of my life. I see her as very open, warm and happy person. She had my trust from day we met.

During the meetings we talk about difficult situations, lack of trust and whole palette of feelings. Monika uses methods which are tailored to fit the situation or problem which I face. Thanks to the therapy it is easier for me to open up to the people or to the situations I do not trust.

Aneta Ludwikowska


Monika has been my personal mentor and counsellor via weekly phone-based and in-person sessions since more than a year. I've very much enjoyed Monika's holistic, soul-mind-body approach, reminding me of my life's purpose and my vision to positively impact and innovate my field.

She has me reconnect with what motivates me, asking me essential questions, while drawing my focus to my intuition and my body's reaction, e.g. in my decision-making process. Concretely, Monika has also guided me on interpersonal communications, helping me speak from the heart.

Our sessions always leave me inspired and energized. And the results speak for themselves: have successfully created my first product, now onto my second, have upcoming speaking engagements and am happier than ever.

Russell Jones


After years of traditional practices I decided to try something new for solving my problems related and caused by the stress accumulated in years on the job, and everyday life.

I was impressed how Monika Maj was able to understand and share the necessary trust for the process adopted for me. Right after the first session I felt the change inside me and the first real results after years. My quality of life was resumed to very high levels, inner conflicts and new conflicts were faced and solved.

Monika Maj adopts different techniques with a good balance and the results are visible just after few days.

I was impressed by how easy is working with her, how she focuses immediately on the issues and finds the way for solving them.

I highly recommend Monika Maj.

Massimo Marino


Before I attended the Conflict Transformation / Peace Practice workshop led by Monika Maj and Barbara Jost, I believed traditional psych. therapy was the best option available to resolve family conflict issues. I could recite a long list of therapists that I had sought out over the past 30 years to help me in facing the various emotional dilemmas of my life.

The simple yet powerful set of tools and exercises taught by Monika and Barbara showed me a way to challenge and transform the destructive patterns of perception and behaviour to which I have been prone my entire life.

I was as well truly impressed by the passionate and empathic teaching style they applied. I am profoundly indebted to Monika for her commitment to helping others learn how to transform conflict in their lives and strongly recommend her services to all seeking peace.

Michael Golub

BURNOUT due to Bullying

Spantanious Feedback:

"Monika, you hepled me so much when I was at my lowest and darkest. No doctor, no coach could achieve what you did... It is healing of the emotional aspect (all others ignored) that made all the difference. 

I am forever grateful to you for that and thank God I was led to meeting you. Honestly." 


Anonymous, Basel, Switzerland


Monika has an affable presentation style which puts people at ease. I think that she achieves good results because she does not apply pressure to buy her products. She presents them in such a way that they sell themselves.

Monika very generously donated a percentage of her profits from the event to a charity which our club supports.

On a personal level, Monika has produced a bespoke piece of jewellery for me to give as a gift. It was perfect and she provided excellent customer service throughout the process.

Jane Fairclough


I met Monika a couple of times, bought and admired her ethnic jewellery, but much more than that, was impressed by her easy, empathetic way with people and situations and multi lingual ability.

All the best, Monika!

Anne (Cullen) Breckenridge