I am not a medical professional and will never ask my clients to discontinue prescribed  medication.  

As a Soul Healer and Body Positive Facilitator, I do not guarantee radical healing as healing at any and all levels is connected to the spiritual readiness of the client as well as their free will.  

As a Peace Agent I do not guarantee any specific conflict transformation outcomes or lasting inner peace as these depend on the openness and willingness of all conflict parties.

Reaching inner peace is also strongly linked to the client’s openness of heart and mind and their readiness for transformation.

As an Angel Card Reader I do not predict the future as this kind of service excludes the existence of free will each of us possesses and as such we, at all levels and at any time, are able to change the outcome of a given situation.

I talk about opportunities, possibilities, likelihood, personal talents and personality traits, challenges, lessons to learn, dangers, possible causes of behavioural patterns and other.  

And at the same time, I want you to trust that our work together will most probably bring beautiful changes as it has for many people until this moment. I facilitate opening of the heart and mind and when the heart and mind are open, deep healing and total regeneration do occur.

With Love and Light to YOU,