About me

I am a Soul Healer specialised in healing issues of the soul:  emotional overwhelm, traumas and hurtful events from the past. Having healed my own emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges, helping others transform toward love, inner peace and emotional freedom has been my greatest joy,   

a Mindset coach magically tranforming limiting unhealthy beliefs into supportive healthy ones helping people feel worthy, important, loved, peaceful, joyful, creative, beautiful, divine..., 

a Hypnotherapist facilitating journeys into very deep relaxation, into most profound  levels of rest and peace, often beyond what was ever experienced, 

a Body Positive Psycho-educator who has gone through a path of obsessive self-perfecting practices just to fall into the dark place of self-rejection, jellousy and high anxiety. Once healed and in admiration and reverance for my own body, I help others accept and LOVE theirs,   

a Peace Agent highly trained and skilled in transforming community, interpersonal, and inner conflicts. 

I am a strong Empath who is psychicly gifted, loves art, dance, laughter, and writing transcendental poetry. Highly idealistic, I follow the path of TRUTH and LOVE. I am a mother and a wife.

My Life Purpose is

To assist people on their way

toward Love, Truth, Joy, and Inner Peace

Gently guiding you, I am wholeheartedly devoted to Your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Wellbeing. Step by Step.

My joy is in seeing Your Joy, Self-love, and Personal Power. 

Through you, of service to the world.




Born and raised in then- Communist Poland and among perfectionist and narcissistic family members and teachers applying military rules of conduct demanding total obedience, caused intense inner conflict dwelling constantly in my being.

On one hand I was demanded to be average and like others – “normal” and obedient; individual expression being perceived as the “enemy of state” and was regularly beaten down. On the other hand, I was expected to be the best in all endeavors including my own appearance.

Self-defensive and with low self-esteem I deeply disliked myself for never reaching perfection... As a defence mechanism, I put on a very heavy protection coat and closed my heart. 


My marriage fell apart and an emotionally and spiritually challenging long-term relationship cracked me open. No energy for my business, no energy for life. My beloved dog died to cancer. Deep depression settled in. No way out. A desire to disappear… , to fall asleep and never wake up again. I was BURNED OUT due to a long term "on and off" romantic relationship that took all of my life force.  

In order to heal myself, I explored a dozen of soul-, and mind-body healing modalities and read countless self-help books. A life-transforming journey began. I trained with the world’s most influential spiritual teachers, studied their methods to advanced levels, discovered God within me, created my own healing tools, wrote healing peace poems…

Soon after, I BURNED OUT again. I was a healer and served chronically stressed clients while doing an intensive Master of Peace and Conflict Transformation program with the University of Basel. I completely stretched my boundries and became a total servant with no personal life constantly creating (in my head) a deeper and a better experience for those I served.       

I was and still am on the most enriching transformational journey of bringing together knowledge, experience and wisdom in preparation for this beautifully rewarding work I do now.

Thank you very much for your interest and the time you took to read my story until the very end.
Hoping to be of Service to You soon.
With Love and Light,