About me

I am a Peace Agent and a Soul Healer. A specialist in inner- and interpersonal conflict transformation. A strong Empath and a channel of healing energy and inspiration from the divine (universe, grace, source, creative power…). A life mentor and a Peace Poet.

I am a Certified Body Positive Facilitator passionate about numerology.

Highly idealistic, with an unshakable belief in the goodness of human nature, visionary sociopreneur. A mother and a wife.

I love laughter, enjoy meaningful encounters, and follow the path of Truth. Art, music, and all expressions of Love are the source of my greatest inspiration.

My Life Purpose is

To assist people on their way

toward Love, Truth, Joy, and Inner Peace

I am wholeheartedly devoted to Your Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Wellbeing. Engaged in your inner peace, I am of service to you. Gently guiding you step by step.

My joy is in seeing your joy, in love with your self-love.

Through you, of service to the world.

My blessings to you.


Since I can remember I was passionate about the human psyche. Born and raised in then- Communist Poland, I had little access to spirituality, except for that one book I had found on a flea-market titled “KRSNA, the supreme personality of Godhead” by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

I was 8 years old.

My second passion was dancing, ever since I can remember. I used to get goose bumps while letting my body fuse with the rhythm. Music and I would become one, bringing my being to an ecstatic state.

Yet, since my body was covered with scars, I thought I could never become a dancer as I could never wear those swan- like ballet dresses…

Hence, I let this passion gently fall asleep…

I was also always drawn to the magic of harmony among colours, shapes, proportions, textures, spaces… I used to get mesmerised (and still do now) by all beauty and see divine order behind it.

I used to dream of travelling, too. As far as possible, as exotic as it can get.

That was my childhood and adolescence.


So I left for London. I was 19.

Good-bye communism, hello cosmopolitan world! My soul loved it. Then, to express my entrepreneurial spirit and because I believed I could never become a dancer and had too little self-confidence to attend an art school, I studied business and administration. Soon after, I worked as a business analyst. In Belgium, this time.

Shortly after moving to charming Switzerland, the beauty- lover in me took over and I became an independent jewellery designer creating unique custom-made pieces for my happy international clientele. I came a bit closer to myself.

Next, my marriage fell apart. An emotionally and spiritually challenging long-term relationship cracked me open. No energy for my business. My beloved dog died to cancer. Deep depression settled in. No way out. A desire to disappear… , to fall asleep and never wake up again.

One morning, after having spent 3 weeks in bed in deep emotional and mental pain, I got up, got undressed, and sat naked on the floor in front of a large mirror. I looked at my body, it was beautifully alive. I looked myself deep in the eyes and

what I saw there was Light.

I suddenly felt this overwhelming Self- Love accompanied by sense of freedom. I was liberated from the burdens of my past and from the illusion of who I was until that very moment. My pain was all gone; I was ready for a new life.

Liberated and still vulnerable, I wanted to live. I wanted to enjoy those long-forgotten tiny pleasures of everyday life: warm water touching my skin, walking in nature, reading a book, tasting a home-made meal… Nothing else mattered anymore: only the present moment.

A life-transforming journey began.

Having been awaken to all that needed spiritual healing within me, I searched for help, reaching out to what was then (2007) available to me: astrology, numerology, tarot cards, psychology, and psychiatry.

Finally, I discovered spirituality.

I read several books at a time, tried many healing methods, went from seminar to seminar, trained with the world’s most influential spiritual teachers, studied their methods to advanced levels, discovered God within me, created my own healing tools, wrote healing peace poems

Peace studies came next. I devoted my Master’s thesis to the power our emotions have over the process of conflict transformation (“The Power of Emotions in Conflict Transformation”) and gained additional tools this time for conflict transformation and mediation.

I was and still am on the most enriching transformational journey of bringing together knowledge, experience and wisdom in preparation for this beautifully rewarding work I do now.

Thank you very much for your interest and the time you took to read my story until the very end.
Hoping to be of Service to You soon.
With Love and Light,