Body Positive

Natural Beauty Stylist & Body Positive Services


I feel blessed to host you here!

The natural beauty stylist and “body positive” branches of my life purpose have accompanied me since my early teenage years.


Initially, I employed my creativity and highly developed senses to transcend the limitations imposed by my own physical imperfections caused by an accident in early childhood. I used to seek out tops and dresses that I could wear back to front or bottom to top. I used to create and arrange applications, broaches, extra patterns, additional fabric layers and laces onto my clothing all to cover up for the marks the accident left on my body.. I designed and fabricated my own silk blouses. …The results were astonishing!

Later, I exercised my talent as part of my jewellery creation and personal styling services which several years thereafter became an important element of my healing practices.

I was born with an innate sense for harmony among colours, shapes, textures, proportions and styles, and with a natural understanding of fashion.
I have an intimate relationship with nature. From experience, I know that true healing comes only when we honour our own beauty and our own nature using the gifts of Mother Nature to heal and beautify our physical bodies.

So, if this is your desire, let me help you find:

  • colour range and pattern styles that suit you best,
  • your body-shape-friendly clothing and accessories, bringing physical proportions into “balance” and harmony
  • best suiting outfits to enhance your overall natural beauty and to express your unique personality, your own idea of beauty and your individual sense of style.

Give yourself PERMISSION TO EXPRESS who you really are and FEEL GREAT in your own body!


Within the experience of healing my own physical ailments caused by emotional wounds and a negative body image, so far I have been successful at healing my own Pre-menstrual Syndrome, Menstrual Cramps, Melasma (skin-discoloration condition), and gave birth naturally despite the doctors’ certainty that due to my age (40) I’d need to undergo a Caesarean section.

Nowadays, as the deeply DESTRUCTIVE NEED FOR "BODY PERFECTION" grows within society, so grows the need for" body-positive" services that focus on healing of the issues bringing to light the beauty of the physical body as it is and healing of the emotional wounds behind it.

As a body positive healer, I will be honoured to:

  • assist you in healing negative body image issues with self-love and integrity, and
  • advise on how to heal your skin and maintain a youthful complexion using 100% natural products, only.

I am a universal servant totally dedicated to your wellbeing and your happiness. Pure Love and Compassion are my drivers.

Contact me if you feel moved. I will be happy to be of help.

With my Blessings to You