Peace Practice

Peace Practice uses non-therapeutic methods to help transform conflictual relationships or situations into ones having a more positive quality.

The methods and tools I use all focus on the transformation of that which is not working into that which is working. In other words, not only does the conflict “disappear”, the transformation also improves relationships and brings benefits and even joy to all parties involved in the original conflict.

These benefits may be of a diverse nature and dimension, and often are

  • mental – As we gain a greater understanding of the invisible root causes of the conflict, our perceptions and beliefs about ourselves and of the world around us change. We let go of old beliefs and perceptions we can no longer associate with and begin to see our reality (and all conflict parties) in a more positive light; we form new beliefs that are more supportive of who we want to become and how we want to live from now on. We re-humanise those we were formerly in conflict with.
  • emotional – As we are given a chance to express our true pains, motives and unmet needs, we release stored "negative" emotional energy (anger, sadness, envy and other emotions) and consequently experience more neutral or even pleasant feelings regarding all (former) conflict parties, including ourselves,
  • physical – Healing of the physical body follows naturally as a result of having transformed or “resolved” conflict due to the fact that our stress levels significantly decrease (as we have finally expressed our pains and released stored “negative” emotions) allowing for physical self-regulation (the state of homeostasis) to take place, and
  • spiritual – Empathy and compassion at work open minds and hearts, bringing to light personality treats previously hidden from our conscious minds, inviting to maybe embrace our shadow sides, to perhaps open us up to seeing beauty in diversity, to possibly finally act on that deeply asleep genius in us, and to maybe introduce changes that prioritise authenticity.

Working consciously on transforming conflict is

a path of inner growth.

With each and every conflict we decide to positively transform we learn more about ourselves and others, gaining precious tools and wisdom for a more peaceful, abundant, and a happier life; we grow spiritually and humanly.

The 2 main dimensions of conflict are

inter-personal or inter-being conflict, and inner conflict.



  • Do you avoid conflict because you fear causing anger, sadness, and other “negative”, hurt-related emotions in others?
  • Are you afraid of confronting conflict due to the possibility of being rejected or even abandoned?
  • Do you think you lack the skills to express your feelings and thoughts in a clear and non-hurtful way?
  • Or maybe you feel that despite good intentions you turn others against you?
  • Do you think that to be liked, loved, appreciated and/or respected you must agree with others?
  • Do you need to be always right to feel good about yourself?
  • Do you sense that your person and your needs are not important to others and therefore you never speak up? Do you think you don’t deserve to get what you need or want?
  • Do you think you are just not good enough at winning debates and fear failure?



  • Being in conflict with your thoughts, emotions and actions
  • Not giving priorities to your values
  • Not living according to your truth
  • When what we think and/or feel, what we say and what we do are not in harmony
  • Negative body image and self-rejection
  • Striving for perfection
  • Not being able to let go
  • Rejection of your own sub-personalities, identities, qualities or weaknesses
  • Being angry at society, culture, God.

I will be happy to help you heal and manage all of the above and similar situations, and advise you on how to think and act in a peaceful yet authentic way.

When all fears and false projections often associated with confronting those we are in conflict with fall away, Peace Practice (conscious conflict transformation) is a Revitalising, Energising, and a Healing process for all involved parties.


Reduce conflict by communicating authentically, while being respectful of others’ view points and feelings.

Together, we will develop your own communication style that most genuinely expresses your feelings and thoughts within romantic, business and family contexts.

Be authentic and open about who you are, and confidently and joyfully communicate it to others.



Sometimes a non-involved observer, skilled in mediation, is the best choice you can make to solve conflict.

I am an empathetic, non-partial, fair, deeply analytical as well as deeply intuitive peace specialist with no end to creative solutions to your conflict.

I offer mediation services to families, couples, co-workers and friends.

If what you have read so far resonates with you, I invite you to write to me or simply give me a call, and I will be happy to be of service to you.