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Mentoring in my understanding and preference is not only a 2-way, but a 3-way learning and growing opportunity. Two- way learning involves typically the mentee benefiting from the wisdom and personal qualities of the mentor as well as the mentor benefiting from the experiences and personality traits of the mentee.

Three-way mentoring, however, comprises of the 2 way learning plus connecting to the Universe’s wisdom and downloading ideas and necessary insight. In other words: being open to inspiration (being “in spirit”) during the mentoring session.

Mentoring also uses coaching and “healing” methods. These methods help unravel dormant talents and develop them into strengths at the same as serving as great tools to work on possible limiting beliefs the mentee might have about him/herself and the world around them.

Mentoring mainly focuses on long-term growth, be it entrepreneurial, spiritual, or other. Developing new skills and competencies is vital as well, yet the journey is equally important as the final result.

A mentoring relationship usually lasts one year or longer and it ideally enjoys the following qualities:

  • Mutual trust
  • A shared vision of the world
  • Readiness to explore the unexplored
  • Readiness to go beyond one’s comfort zone
  • Friendship
  • A deeper connection and compassion for each other
  • Sharing of personal and professional network

In-depth mentoring (my favorite) studies failures as well as successes to extract lessons to be learned and growth opportunities to be explored. Effective mentors are those who address mentees’ talents together with weaknesses to prepare the most fertile ground for them to thrive.


Generating creative ideas benefiting the mentee, their immediate social circle, including their family, and society as a whole. I like the term “win-win-win upscale solutions” defining solutions advancing the world in a spiritual way, improving the way all living beings experience life on this planet.

Transforming limiting believes that hinder the mentee’s creativity, working in harmony with their life purpose, self-expression, or taking risks when the project demands it into believes that support the mentee’s project and/or their future “best self”.

Motivational, supportive and resourceful, I also specialise in intuitive decision making.

I am an active mentor at the

If what you read resonates with you, I invite you to contact me and I will be happy to be of service to you.