Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

Is there a sin in wanting to love you?
Is there a sin in wanting to give
all jewels of my soul all God dwelling within?

Is it so wrong to admire your lips
knitting bliss stories of truth, purest wit?  
Words of such beauty all Angels adore
spring blossoms would envy these colors my Love   

Is it a sin to love you in my dream
pampering soul,  kisses, petals, cream…
Cocooning body with passionate desire
to bridge earthy love with that which inspires
Kidnapping spirit skipping time and space
cherishing Lands of Joy, Innocence and Grace?

Forbidden to love with high soaring flame
burning all evil, all falsehood, all game?
Forbidden to write stories of love  
with those chained in rules, controlled from “above”?  

Is there a Sin???
Illusion of Shame. Illusion of Guilt.  

Beautiful eyes flooded with tears
I love loving you Love, loving you in my dream.
There is no sin in wanting to love you
There is no sin in wanting to give

If there is no sin, my child, What Is?
There is only Love. Only Love There Is.

By Monika Maj,  December 2012