It is a devotion of mine to co-create a world in which all people value their unique bodies and see them as wonderful vehicles to experience life instead of solely treating them as items to be adorned.

It is my dream to contribute to a world in which all of us enjoy identities we give special positive meaning and flavour to. A world where all are liberated from self-dislike and even self-hatred so that we can optimize our energy and intellect to make positive changes in our own lives, communities, and the world at large.

It is my joy to watch individuals reconnect with their innate body wisdom for more balance, joyful self-care and a compassionate, loving, and forgiving relationship with themselves.     

The interactive seminar/course constitutes of 5 themes:


1. Reclaim Health

Learn to become the authority of your own body by sorting out facts from distorted societal myths about health, weight, and identity.    


2. Practice Intuitive Self-Care

Acquire tools and resources to trust your innate wisdom to help you eat, exercise, and live intuitively.


3. Cultivate Self-Love

Expand your capacity to employ compassion, forgiveness, and humour as you leave behind the need for self-criticism


4. Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty

Explore beauty through a Body Positive lens to have more appreciation and respect for yourself and others.


5. Build Community

Evaluate the way the people in your life and the media influence your relationship with your body, and design a community that fosters wellness and joy.


if You, or Your organisation, are interested in taking the Body Positive Course, please write to me under : All courses and seminars will be tailored to your specific needs in order to optimize your experience and learning. 

Happy to be of service to You,