Angel Cards

A warm Welcome to You!

I’m a Certified Angel Card Reader (according to Dorin Virtue, PhD.) with a whole palette of skills including channelling from the angels and angel therapy. My readings are always in-depth, encompassing, where necessary, spiritual healing elements, numerology insights, personality-type challenges and gifts, and peace practice tools.


Even though I had already been on my “conscious” spiritual path, actively exploring mysticism of the human soul and its connection to the physical body on one end and God on the other, I was still a sceptic when it came to the existence of Angels.

Until that one amazing day that changed everything.

During several months in 2011, I was working closely with Karl, a Reiki healer then living in Zurich, on setting up a common spiritual healing praxis in Basel, Switzerland. During one of the “Aura” yearly spiritual fairs, Karl decided to have an Angel Channelling session with an angel healer, Jeannette, whom he had never seen before.

To his surprise, Jeannette immediately told him about the reasons why our common spiritual project had continuously been blocked (by our spiritual guides) and, knowing my name, she told Karl that the angels want me to “work with them” personally and within my healing praxis and that Karl was supposed to deliver this message to me.

I just could not believe what I heard; it made so much sense to me. Deeply moved and inspired, I immediately booked a channelling session with Jeanette and purchased several Angel Therapy books sensing a beautiful journey was about to begin.

And so it has been since: Angels have helped me and my clients in the most amazing ways by supporting our projects, healing spiritual, mental and physical conditions, assisting us in making decisions, showing opportunities and highlighting issues, bringing soul mates and teachers into our lives, getting us out of trouble and even finding…parking spaces! The journey has been more than enlightening; it has been a lot of fun, too!

So, Dear Angel Friend, if you desire an in-depth reading and you feel that I might be the right person to do it for you, please send me an e-mail, including your question and a short description of the situation.

You can also call me and book an appointment.

Prices in Euros and equivalent in other currencies, rate as on

Readings by e-mail: 39 Euros
Readings by Skype, 45 minutes: 60 Euros
Face to face in Loerrach (DE) or Basel (CH) 45 minutes: 69 Euros

With Love and Light to You,